Pension Live is the premier source for defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors seeking innovative and practical pension administration solutions. Our cost-effective, fully customizable services and technology will radically reduce the time, expense and complexity associated with your DB plan(s) administration.

  • Automated Retirement Certifications and Election Forms
  • Customized Retirement and Pension Portals
  • Database Management, including Automation and Integration
  • Dedicated Pension Service Center
  • Document Management and Storage
  • Employee Self-Service / Real Time Pension Estimates
  • Outsourcing and Co-sourcing Solutions
  • Participant Communications and Benefit Statement Fulfillment
  • Temporary Service Center Support
  • Transparent Participant Engagement and Case Management


Fully automated online pension administration and actuarial solutions are finally an option for everyone and our fully integrated solution typically cost less than what most actuarial firms charge for actuarial services alone.


From site branding to the coding of plan provisions, Pension Live provides the most customized and flexible solution in the pension industry. No plan is too complex for our system. In fact, a plan’s complexity provides us with the best direction for your solution’s structure and employee interface. Our technology is tailored from the ground up, allowing each participant in your plan to see only the provisions and benefits that apply specifically to them.


Pension Live redefines efficient by combining data warehousing and transmission, web interfaces, calculation routines and retirement processing in to one centralized engine. Pension Live is directly authored by benefits consultants to fully integrate each client’s actuarial and administrative needs – providing for never-before-seen levels of flexibility and automation in the pension world.


Pension Live allows employees to understand their pension benefits like never before. With a keep it simple approach, participants have touch of the button capabilities to find the exact information they want – with the ability to see more information and details just an additional click away. Plan sponsors have invested significant resources to provide a pension and it’s time your employees finally appreciate the full value.