How the Brexit Affects your Retirement

Britons have voted to leave the European Union, an outcome that has shocked global financial markets, sending stocks plunging and sovereign bonds and the U.S. dollar sharply higher. The decision is expected to have global implications, some of…

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ACA Information Return – Penalties Doubled for Non-Compliance

The Trade Preferences Extension Act (TPEA) became law on June 29, 2015 and included a provision having absolutely nothing to do with extending trade preferences. Though this law came in quietly and didn’t gain the attention of many, yet the…

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Same-Sex Ruling Impact on Employers and Benefit Managers

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning same-sex marriage bans in the four remaining states that had them will shake things up for employers not offering coverage currently and ease the administrative burden on benefits managers at companies that already offer insurance…

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Distribution of Electronic Documents

Written by: Jonathan Pigeon, Account Manager As you go through your group’s renewal this year, consider the distribution of summary plan descriptions (SPDs) and other appropriate employee communications.  Furnishing documents electronically requires an ongoing program that must be…

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The Unsustainable Rising Cost of Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs currently represent about 1{ea7427a437b28cbad7e7d899824905928e2417ff8c20d55929235e4c32efaa1c} of all prescriptions. However, they account for about 20{ea7427a437b28cbad7e7d899824905928e2417ff8c20d55929235e4c32efaa1c} of today’s drug spend. It is predicted by industry experts that the cost will reach more than $402 billion per year by 2020,…

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New Fiduciary Rule Proposed by DOL

The Department of Labor has issued a long-awaited redesigned fiduciary rule proposal today attempting to protect investors from biased investment advice. There is a 75-day notice and comment period so expect lots of comments, opinions and in the end maybe…

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Wellness Research Offers Perspective

Companies tend to rank the health of their employees ahead of controlling premium costs when asked why they offer wellness programs as part of their benefits packages. This is what a survey of 443 human resources professionals revealed. The survey…

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The Healthcare Paradigm Shift – From the Top Down

Where We Are Going There are innumerable alleged reasons for the out of control cost of health care ranging from over paid physicians and specialists to the simple concept of “with innovation comes cost”. According to the Centers…

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Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey

Along with positive behavior change from the participants in CDHPs comes significant premium savings and more engaged consumers. The evidence below is reason enough to take a look at these plan designs as a way to control the…

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PPACA Compliance Checklist for Employers

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also referred to as health care reform, introduced several new laws and regulations that impact businesses of all sizes. The following health care reform checklist outlines some key PPACA compliance…

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