About Us

Pension Live is the premier source for defined benefit plan sponsors seeking innovative and practical pension administration and actuarial solutions via the web.

Our cost-effective, fully customizable services and web applications radically reduce the time, expense and complexity associated with pension plan sponsorship.

At Pension Live, your defined benefit administration solution will be our primary focus and will be specifically designed to engage seamlessly with your existing systems. Unlike competing technologies, our web tools are directly authored by benefits consultants, allowing us to fully integrate all aspects of your custom application. Data warehousing and transmission, web interfaces, calculation routines and retirement processing are all controlled by one centralized engine — a model that brings never-before-seen levels of flexibility and automation to the administration world.

The Pension Live team is composed of highly trained actuaries, pension benefit consultants and software development professionals who come from worldwide employee benefits consulting firms. Together they have devoted over 90 years to the review of administrative processes, pension plan compliance, and HR data systems – in addition to providing core consulting services to their clients.